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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tito Sen and the RH Bill

Dear Tito Sen,

I hope you do realized that Margaret Sanger's idea of advocating birth control to support the idea of eugenics is already as old as you are. In addition, the idea of eugenics (negative) is that the reproduction of the unfit, the mentally challenged and the inferior will be prohibited so that only the superior genes will be reproduced.

I think it is clearly stated in the RH Bill that there shall be freedom of choice. It is also stated in Section 2 that "there shall be no discrimination against any person on grounds of sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, disabilities, political affiliation and ethnicity".

I have read the bill many times and I don't think it mentioned anything like oppressing the poor or discriminating the mentally challenged or prohibiting the reproduction of anyone because of his color, race, or economic status.

I also think that although artificial insemination may also be covered under the RH Bill, the idea of eugenics is maybe more appropriate in it than in the general provision/goal of the RH Bill as a whole. But then again, if people will choose to reproduce thru AI, that's their right and their choice and they can just go ahead and do it with or without the RH Bill.

Lastly, I think, to avoid being misinformed, maybe you should not only rely on hearsays and on what your political advisers and researchers feed you. Maybe you should also try to read and understand previous articles and related case studies on population ecology, reproductive health, sustainable economy, contraceptives, eugenics,etc.

Just saying... :)


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